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Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust


Throughout 2012 Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust ran a number of corporate challenge events designed to increase the levels of physical activity of staff, in a fun way, whilst prompting team work.

Two hundred and fifty staff (8% of the total workforce) completed one of more of the challenges.

Achievements to date

During 2012, Leeds three corporate challenges were held. Teams of up to five members took part in:

  1. pedometer challenge – walking the equivalent of 939 miles (1,502,400 steps) from Leeds to London (via Edinburgh, Belfast, Dublin & Cardiff), over a period of five weeks to arrive in time for the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games
  2. cycling challenge –cycling the equitant of 874 miles ‘End to End’ from John O’Groats to Land’s End over a period of four weeks
  3. swimming challenge – swimming the equivalent of 21 miles across the English Channel from Dover to Calais over a period of four weeks

How we did it

  • High level engagement from senior management team secured via organisational Health, Work & Wellbeing Steering Group
  • General Managers engaged in cascade of information recruiting teams to events
  • Feedback given to all teams taking part in each event on a weekly basis, providing encouragement
  • Recording sheets developed that automatically added up steps walked & meters swum and converted into miles to minimise error
  • Events run as challenges rather than competitions to ensure that teams continued to undertake physical activity to the end of the event, rather than giving up as not doing as well as other, more competitive teams. 
  • No prizes awarded to the team who did the most activity in any challenge. However, certificates were awarded to Teams that increased the amount of activity they did week on week during a challenge.
  • Celebration events held after each challenges – certificates awarded to every team that completed a challenge

Results and next steps

As a result of the overwhelming positive feedback received, plans are already in place to offer a range of corporate challenges during 2013, aiming to increase the number of staff taking part.


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