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The Workforce Workfit Cycling Challenge

The Workforce Workfit Cycling Challenge has been in the planning since last September in order to gain maximum engagement with NHS staff and other businesses. It is an extension of the original Workforce Workfit programme which began almost two years ago in the run up to the 2012 Olympics and won one of the first Gold Awards from Sir David Nicholson as part of the NHS Sport and Physical activity Challenge

Achievements to date

Two high profile static bike Cycling Events in large shopping centres following on from a programme which has cover a dozen activities and engaged almost 10,000 staff.

How we did it

Using a social marketing approach and advanced project and stakeholder management skills!

Joining forces

Partners are Storck Cycles and Alchemist Fitness Personal Trainers

Results and next steps

43 Teams and over 130 people from the NHS, public and private sectors businesses across the North East took part. 43 teams from companies all over the north east, turned up at Eldon Square on Saturday and the Metro Centre on Sunday. Together with a few solo riders over 130 people took the challenge all representing their employers. About a quarter were NHS staff including nurses, adult care staff, some health scientists, a GP, an A&E consultant, workforce staff from the SHA, some radiographers and some paramedics. We got some fantastic pictures and some video clips. It has generated a lot of interest and we even had the centre staff joining in! I've also got over 300 surveys about cycling to analyse. I think this model would definitely be of interest to sponsors, the tacx turbo trainers are a great bit of kit and we had everyone cycling round a virtual Italian village. The winners were the Royal Marines (men's team) not so surprising but the paramedics were a close second and the ladies from NHS Tees FT won the ladies race.

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