Case Studies

7-a-side football

In October 2011, inspired by the pending Olympic games and Euro 2012, it was agreed with colleagues that we would start playing 5-a-side football to encourage fitness as well as a opportunity to socialise outside of work.

Achievements to date:

Consistency – has run every Tuesday since October 2011 and is still running (only 3 sessions have been cancelled due to snow)

No funding required – players self-fund activity (£2 each)

Morale – staff members who would have otherwise never met

How we did it

After agreeing with two colleagues that it could work, we recruited players and word quickly spread.

Joining forces

We have a players from the PCT and now CCG as well as local authority and hospital as well as IT. In total 19 staff have participated.

Results and next steps

We have now reached a point where we cant invite more players due to the size of the pitch. We are in discussions with public health colleagues to possibly roll-out wider.

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